Consensys FZCO

ClientConsensys FZCO
LocationDubai Design District, Dubai, UAE
TypeInterior fit-out, Commercial Office
ScopeDesign & Build – Interiors
Design & Build byVerve Interior Decoration LLC
Project ManagementVerve Interior Decoration LLC
Furniture supplied byVerve Interior Decoration LLC

One of the prominent projects in our portfolio, Consensys is a unique office design, recognized by various commercial magazines as an initiative towards “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Guided by the expansion of the office from a 3000 sqft to 8000 sqft space and inspired by the raw industrial design language, reusing and upcycling materials was a bold yet logical choice. With a unique design process, the design came together with 65% of salvaged materials from phase 1, retaining the cohesive industrial and interactive language throughout.

Built with ‘the materials of modernism’, exposed concrete, glass, wood and occasional color pops, garnished with the charm of murals and quotes, and paired with the detailed custom fit-outs, greens and dream catchers, the interactive design and its various zones sing of the day-to-day creative explosion inside the office.