Consensys FZCO

ClientConsensys FZCO
Size750 m² / 8,070 ft²
LocationD3, Dubai, UAE
TypeInterior fit-out, Commercial Office
ScopeDesign & Build – Interiors
Design byVerve Interior Decoration LLC
Built byVerve Interior Decoration LLC
Project ManagementVerve Interior Decoration LLC
Furniture byVerve Interior Decoration LLC

This project is a very critical project in Verve’s Portfolio. The project was won purely on value add that the company can provide to the customer. They had to shift their 3,000 ft² office to 8,000 ft² office space, as their expansion plan. The mandate was to reinstate the same look, feel and reuse the materials from the first office. Verve came up with an idea of shifting the entire office walls and reassemble them again in the new space so “the old office is literally inside the new office”.

The new workspace had to fit 90 workstations and keep the industrial design, raw look intact as done in the first phase. We submitted a salvage report demonstrating 63% of the civil finishes can be salvaged leaving the floor, gypsum walls and inlay electrical works. On a surprise note, the client in parallel did their exercise which indicated 65%. We were the team which was close to meet the client expectations and hence landed the job and kept the delivery commitment.

The complete open workspace area is conveniently delineated into different functional zones with informal seating that do not block the visuals. And also, the meeting rooms & cabins allocated in partitions towards the main entrance are made sure to keep them private while at the same time retain the visual connection. Dream catchers were an icing on the top which was a personal touch from the client.

The entire project was delivered in 65 calendar days, excluding design and approvals. The client was extremely satisfied with the output and hence used the exercise to publish the initiative towards “reduce, reuse and recycle” in commercial magazines