Project Management

Delivering a project on time, at competitive costs and with the highest quality standards, efficiently with minimal disruptions onsite is a tall order.

From conception to completion, there is a whole range of activities involved that need excellent co-ordination and management so that the project runs smoothly and gives a successful outcome.

VERVE makes sure that the project is handled by an expert project manager who manages the entire co-ordination and execution of the onsite work ensuring the health and safety of the fellow site-workers and the surroundings so that a world-class product is delivered.

Throughout the process of Project Management, the Verve Team oversees the implementation of the project and submits on-going and timely reports to the client. Regular meetings with the clients at every stage enable us to get a clear picture and set timely goals.

Some of our Project Management responsibilities are:

  • Overall project co-ordination and planning with specific focus on time and cost.
    Organizing, scheduling and checking deliveries of materials (deliverables with varied lead times)
  • Organizing and managing the right schedule with the right team in the right strength, thereby minimizing stress, down time and improving efficiency.
  • An exhaustive induction of onsite workers and personnel to ensure compliance to all the Health & Safety guidelines
  • Regular site visits by experienced team members for proper supervision and guidance of tradespeople to ensure quality and timely delivery.